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Time is the only thing we all have exact the same amount of is time. As an entrepreneur you are constantly re-prioritizing your activities and when starting your business things are extra hectic. This may result in the website not yet being ready when you open your business.

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Date: 13th Mar 2017
Author: Barend Jungerius
About: Barend is the CEO & founder of Zitecraft

The importance of a good online presence BEFORE opening

Regularly see those banners stating the website is "under construction" and coming soon. To me these notifications say: "Revenue is wasted here for an undefined period of time".

Especially when opening a new business it's crucial to have a good online presence to get the word out there so potential customers can tell their friends: "Look at this really nice place opening next month, let's have a drink there!".

What does it take?

So what does it take to have a good online presence as a local business? Well, at least these things should be covered:

Instagram is also a powerful social network but I consider Facebook to be mandatory and the really social savvy business owners can use Instagram as a second social platform when starting their business.

Don't go for perfection, go live ASAP

I advise local business owners to have a website up & running at least 4 weeks before opening. Every day your website is not live AFTER opening you are losing even more money! I started a couple of businesses myself so I know how much time and energy it takes but speed is really important. The trick is to plan well and don't go for perfection: don't wait until it's 100% finished & perfect. Go live ASAP, even if this means you only reached 75 or even 50 percent perfection. Your target audience will be anxious anyway about the new business opening up and they don't see the things that are missing or not completely perfect because you are basically the only one who knows. Besides, don't play your cards too soon: launching new pages on your website in the weeks/months after opening will give you something to post on Facebook and get some more attention for your business.

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