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That startup feeling!

Startup founders choose the most challenging path possible in their career. Instead of making (easy) money at a corporate they are determined to build and sell something new. Something they believe in.

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Date: 12th Jan 2016
Author: Barend Jungerius
About: Barend is the CEO & founder of Zitecraft

That startup feeling!

Friday I paid a potential client a cold visit to have a coffee and a chat about their current website. The site of this bar/restaurant was not responsive and not optimized for Google, in fact, the example website I made for this business a couple of weeks earlier scored higher than the official site. By the way: making a demo site only takes me a couple of minutes because they are filled & updated automatically with content from Facebook and other social media sources.

So, back to my sales quest: I asked how businesses was going (the place was not busy at all during lunch time so that was a good sign for me) and showed the example website, telling about the mobile, Google and Facebook stuff. He was impressed and told me he would discuss it with the owner.

I sent a follow up via email, got a reply Saturday evening and Sunday morning I answered a couple of questions they had about my Content Management System.

On Monday I got a call, he told me again they liked my website and said they were especially charmed by the deep integration with Facebook: I just landed my 7th client!

Of course, I saved the best for last: I stole a client from my biggest competitor: WIX, a NASDAQ company with more than 900 employees currently worth around $850 million . Not bad for a bootstrapped startup!

What it comes down to is that everything is possible; Davids are beating Goliaths every day in every industry. Of course I realize my battle just started but it sure feels good giving that first punch!

To all startups out there I would like to say: keep up the good work and let me know what your first ultimate startup feeling was because I can't get enough of these stories!

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