Blog - How it all started

How it all started

Sometimes in life pieces of a puzzle just seem to fall in place. This was also the case with the idea creation of Zitecraft: it didn't happen over night.

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Date: 13th Mar 2017
Author: Wyzowl
About: Wyzowl creates short and effective animated explainer videos

How it all started

We all know that a slick, professional online presence can lead to enormous benefits for businesses. You're probably already spending time on your social media presence...but your own website? The whole concept can seem overwhelming and complicated.

It's unlikely that you have web design skills in house, and outsourcing can be costly, time-consuming and distracting from the overall goals of your business. And once it's built, you have to worry about keeping it up-to-date with all the latest news and information about your company - this takes time...time you don't always have.

If this situation sounds familiar, you might be interested to check out By automatically pulling together content from your various social channels, Zitecraft builds you a beautiful, tailor made "WebZite" which automatically updates when you post on social.

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